K5GHS's Weather Station

McKinney, TX

powered by Ambient Weather

Weather Underground PWS KTXMCKIN166

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I am a member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP).  CWOP Related links to my station (AV590):

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MADIS Surface Map (NOAA.gov)

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CWOP data is spread around other sites as well, if you see another site showing it, let me know!  (I don't mind if it is, but I'd like to put the link here for it if it's somewhere else).  CWOP Stations are checked for quality of data and similar, I do check the station periodically to make sure its putting out proper data.  There will of course be slight variations versus other stations nearby.  I do my best to keep the station maintained to keep the quality up!

Weather Station Info:

NEW Weather Station was installed on 1/2/2020, Ambient Weather WS-2000 w/extra sensors.

The old station, Ambient Weather WS-1001, lasted from December 31, 2007 until the last week of December, 2019.  12 years isn't bad at all, considering it was the outdoor wireless sensor that finally failed after that amount of time, and it could just have been batteries on it.... but it had been starting to drop data occasionally for about a month.  The sensor package was also getting pretty brittle plastic wise (to the point I was wondering if the next hailstorm would punch a hole in it!), so I opted to replace it with this one with more features. I am boxing up the old one for now though, someday I might see if putting new batteries in it gets it going again, never know!  I have to say that it was a very good product once I got the new firmware for the display.  It could have been the inside panel going too though, since it was occasionally dropping the inside data too, and that sensor has never been outside and was 5 feet away.  Who knows.  12 years was a good run, I don't feel bad about it, I got my money's worth for sure.

The one prior to it was a "Weather Channel" rebranded one.  I actually still have the display for it though the outside hardware is long gone, I'll have to look up the model number and put it on here eventually.  I use the display still as the indoor functions work, and the barometer still works on it and is very accurate, I use it to spot check the current stations and other weather gadgets I have.  It was a totally wired system with a wired rain bucket and sensor suite that was also wired.  I got about 8 years out of that one (the rain bucket got shattered when I dropped it though after about 4 years, I bought a replacement one for it.  Wireless is a lot easier than running 75 feet of phone wire to hook it up, for sure! (The rain bucket and the sensor both had wires that ran back to the humidity and temp sensor, then that had a wire that went back to the console, the sensors had 25 feet of wire each, and the wire between the console and the temp sensor was 50 feet, but you could buy a longer phone cord if you needed it longer...crazy).

Updated: 2/20/2020